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The Belfair is a dual purpose homestead cow. The Belfair is a composite that was originally established by Tracy Teed of Washington. The Belfair is a cross between a Jersey & an Irish Dexter, with the composite ratio of 50:50 (or very close). Genetically, it does not matter whether the sire or the dam were the Dexter or the Jersey. Belfair cattle may range in size; but most are Frame Score 00 to 2 (miniature to midsize), which is preferred on most homesteads for milking. Belfairs make wonderful homestead cattle, providing rich creamy milk. Some Belfair cows have been known to produce up to 6 gallons of milk / day. The breed goal to to provide enough milk for a family while also raising a calf. Belfairs should blend the strongest traits from each of the parent breeds. Belfairs are bred to handle cold or hot weather well, to resist mastitis, eat less than standard size dairy cows, to hold their weight during lactation, and thrive on grass and hay only.


Belfair Cattle Registry eligibility:

Division I: for Belfair cattle that carry breed composition of 50% Jersey and 50% Dexter genetics (or very close) and display typical coat colors expected from a pure Dexter crossed with a pure Jersey. Its base coat color may be black, wild red or true recessive red. If it inherits both the wild red and the brindle Agouti gene, it may be brindle. It may have paint (spotted) genetics from the Jersey. It may be diluted from the Dexter Dun gene. Modern Dexters & Jerseys may be horned or polled. Both parents must be registered or PV.

Division II for Belfair cattle that carry breed composition of 50% Jersey and 50% Dexter genetics (or very close). Division II Belfairs do not have color or marking restrictions. One parents must be registered. If one parent is unregistered, the breeder must submit a signed statement testifying to the breed composition of the unregistered parent, and include the history and background of the unregistered parent and photos if possible.

Irish Jersey cattle. Irish Jersey cattle carry Dexter and Jersey genetics, and no other known breeds, but not in the 50:50 ratio required for Belfair Division I or II. Irish Jerseys do not have color or marking restrictions. Parents are not required to be registered if the breeder submits a signed statement testifying to the breed composition of both parents, and includes the history and background of any unregistered parents with photos if possible.

Distinctions between Belfair Divisions do not represent differences in quality or value; they document differences in verification level and phenotype. Other dual purpose or homestead dairy cattle that are not eligible for the Belfair Registry may be registered in the open general Miniature Cattle Registry or the Homestead Cattle Association open general herd book. (If links are not up, website is being revised).


Forms & Fees

WHY Register: Registration is a small investment that can increase Belfair cattle's value by identifying their milk components, traits, ancestry as well as documenting this composite breed's development from the beginning. The Belfair Cattle Registry operates under the Mini Cattle Registry which is part of the Homestead Cattle Association (HCA), circa 2014. Membership in the Belfair Cattle Registry applies equally to other herd books in the HCA, which allows member fees to apply for registration in any of the homestead or miniature cattle breed herd books, not just the Belfair Cattle Registry.

New Member Incentive: New HCA members can register or transfer all their cattle, regardless of their age or breed, for the special introductory price of $10 per animal at any time during their first year of membership--just remember to mark that option when filling out the HCA Fee Schedule & Order Form and include that with your application.



All Orders: First, print the Order Form & Fee Schedule and fill it out.

DNA Testing: If you want to order DNA testing for your animal, please email, call or text Donna (office) to order either a hair kit or blood cards, or both. To get an idea of which tests to order, see more about that here: Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory of Genetic Traits & Diseases (testable genetic traits & conditions in cattle). Contact Donna with any questions about which tests to order for the Belfair.

Apply by Mail: CAUTION: Allow plenty of time for the USPS to get kits, forms and certificates from and to you (they have been scary slow and unreliable this past year; we have sent at least 3 mailings that we know of that never even arrived--and many very late--so don't hesitate to check with us, if you get concerned). For each animal, print off the applicable pdf application form, fill it out. Include it, the Order Form, and a check, and mail to the Bucking V Outfit, LLC. Make the check payable to Donna Vickery.

Apply Online: You can print off the applicable pdf forms, fill them out, scan and email them to Donna at the main office: mini.cattle.registry@gmail.com. To pay online, choose one of the following methods:

Online payment options:
    → FREE: Facebook Messenger Private or Direct Message (PM / DM @ facebook.com/SereCowgirl)
    → FREE: Zelle: email through your bank to donna@buckingv.com, ☎ 406-591-6568 (cell)
    → ADD 4% fee for PayPal: send payment to Bucking V Outfit, LLC., donna@buckingv.com, ☎ 406-591-6568. I highly recommend you do NOT use Paypal. They have been keeping (stealing) up to $2500 of their customer's money, whose ideologies they do not agree with. Apparently they have something in their small print that "allows" them to get away with that. I will not guarantee receiving payment if you insist on using Paypal. But if you do, I will let you know, when it all goes through successfully. Some people are only set up to use PP.
    → Request an INVOICE: send me an email and your PayPal- or Zelle-registered phone number

What You Receive: The registration certificates are printed for the Belfair Cattle Registry. If you register an Irish Jersey or other breed, it will receive registration certificates through the Mini Cattle Registry, with their breed identified. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for receipt, pedigree research, accuracy, data entry, printing and mailing. We have had some troubles this past year, with USPS's shipping time, so call me(!) if you become worried. If you need more instructions or have any questions, call me, whenever you need to, however often you need to. There has been a lot of weird things going on lately.


Belfair Cattle Breeder Directory

Email me your directory listing today. Include your names, breed(s) of cattle, farm name, website url, city & state, phone and email.


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