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Belfair cattle are growing in popularity.
This is a public directory, free to all Belfair Cattle breeders.
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Hidden Lake Farm-Pell City • Bethany Milstead • Belfairs • Pell City AL • 205-505-9115 • email • We have been breeding Belfair cattle since 2020.

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• Clear Creek Farms • Dexters and Belfairs • Donna Decker • Igo CA • 530.768.5090 • email

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• Hess Haven Farm • Belfairs & Dexters • Eric Hess • Fort Valley GA • email • Breeding quality family cows.

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• Hopeview Acres • Belfairs, Jerseys & Dexters • Luke & Alicia Glendenning • Pearl City IL • 815-291-2245 • email

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• FIAT Farm • Belfairs & homestead milk cows • IA • 402-253-6777 • email

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• LaLone Cattle • 30 years of breeding Irish Jerseys & Belfairs • Romain LaLone • MI • 231-675-4769 • email • Find me on MeWe

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Lorrie's Luck Farm miniature Jerseys and Belfairs • Annie Karakachan • Dixon MO • Find me on Facebook @Annie Karakachan

go to top Nevada (NV)

A5 Ranch homestead dairy cows • Ed & Jonnie Archuleta • Fallon NV • 775-842-2830 • email • Belfair, mid & mini size Jerseys, and Dexter milk cows; and Ayam Cemani chickens.

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• J&K Farms • mini Jerseys & Belfairs • Kristen Reynolds • San Antonio TX • email • tested herd of family cows

• Lon Lon Ranch • Stephen & Crystal Bardowell • Kempner TX • 919-754-7549 • email • Starting a herd of Belfair cattle, and we also raise chickens, guinea, peacock, Spanish goats, and heritage pigs.

Milk Maid Ranch Brindle Belfair and dual purpose homestead cattle • Susan Minck • Stephenville TX • email • We are 65 mi. southwest of Ft. Worth. Milk Maid Ranch has been in the cattle business for over 25 years breeding Dexters & other homestead and miniature dairy cattle, including Holsteins, Jersey, Belgian Blue, Dutch Belteds & Belted Galloways. We are now concentrating on the Belfair, selecting for milk and meat production ~ and breeding a shorter dairy cow that has high A2 milk production with a beefier body.

Rockin Bar E Farm • Belfair • Kristen Echols • Diana TX • 903-353-0168 • email

TNC Cattle Co Taylor & Natalie Cooke Seymore TX email Raising and training registered Dexters, Jerseys, and Belfair milk cows in north central and west Texas.





Belfair Cattle on Facebook


brindle Belfair cow

"Elsa", Suzy Minck's first Belfair cow; Milkmaid Ranch, Texas


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