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Membership: Online access membership will be offered soon (target: summer 2023). Any membership fees paid before then (including lifetimes) will apply toward online membership fees later, if desired. Anyone can register cattle through the office anytime. When services go online, members can register unlimited numbers of cattle (all breeds recognized by HCA) online for no additional charge.

Print off necessary forms, fill them out, mail them in with a check or scan and email them with attached documentation, and pay online. Include photos, a scan of the registration certificates for both sire and dam, and any DNA documentation of animal or parents. If sire or dam is registered in more than one registry, please include all that info. Here are the steps:

DNA Testing: If you want to order DNA testing for your animal, please email, call or text Donna (office) to order testing supplies (hair kit, blood cards, etc.). To get an idea of which tests to order, see more about that here: Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory of Genetic Traits & Diseases (testable genetic traits & conditions in cattle). Contact Donna with any questions about which tests to order for the Belfair and Irish Jersey.


the Irish Jersey and Belfair Cattle Registry
are part of the
Homestead Cattle Association


2023 Fee Schedule
do not remit; use to compare prices
use to help fill out Order Form
for all HCA registries & herd books


HCA Order Form

Order Form
use with every HCA order
click to open pdf in separate window
download, print, fill it out
mail or email a scan
for all HCA registries & herd books


HCA Order Form

Membership Application
regular HCA membership offered now
summer 2023: join online (coming soon)
membership is same with any HCA breed


Belfair Cattle Registry (BCR) Registration Application

Belfair Registration Application
use for Irish Jersey Cattle Registry
use for Belfair Cattle Registry (BCR)
click to open pdf in separate window


owner transfer

Owner Transfer Form
printed on back of each registration certificate
must be filled out and signed to new owner when animal sells
may be printed and used alone
use for any HCA herd book
click to open pdf in separate window for download


blank pedigree form

Blank Pedigree Form
this can be used any time a pedigree needs recording
click to open pdf in separate window for download


What You Receive: Below are sample (HCA) Miniature Jersey registration certificates.

The Gold Border certificates are issued to permanent registered cattle.
The Green Border certificates are calf (temporary) papers issued to calves bred to be, but not yet verified as miniature.
Miniature Cattle can be verified when measured as soon as 5 months of age.
If they are well within miniature range, up to frame score 1, they may be issued permanent papers.
When they are borderline and questionable, they may be issued permanent papers later.

The 2 certs on the left show the watermarked, stamped certs used for official online pdf papers.
The 2 certs on the right are office issued original certificates with stamped seals, mailed to the customer.

pdf and office-issued registration certificates
HCA Registration Certificates (yours will be printed for Irish Jersey or Belfair Cattle Registry)

Your animal's registration certificate will be printed for the Belfair Cattle Registry or the Irish Jersey Registry. Papers are usually ready quickly; the first proof is emailed as pdf, and is usually available in 2 days for owner approval. Calf or permanent registration certificates can be emailed as official pdf, or as an embossed seal, signed certificate mailed from office. Let office know which version you need. If you ever do not hear back, that means I have not seen or received or lost your message; so please, reach out again!


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